This is a Friday Special.    Sometimes we Face the same challenge or Trail all over again.  Well today’s article has something to say about that  Once Bitten twice shy &n…





I think d most childish sight I’ve ever seen is two “grown up” men physically assaulting each other. I often ask “Did they try dialogue? Or it was just monologue all along?” Sighs…big babies!

If you ask me;
I think it’s so appalling seeing how ppl kud lift holy hands on Sunday & yet lack INTEGRITY in the exam hall. What happened to yo faith in the hall? Oooh, the questions suddenly bcum bigger than your God?

If you ask me;
I think most of us, if not all, are corrupt. Isn’t it corruption when you append yo frnd’s signature on an attendance sheet, when they failed to show up themselves? Or u think corruption x jzt dem ogas up there looting our money?

If you ask me;
I think it’s pure deception when a Christian leader cums out in d OPEN to speak about God whom he hasn’t taken time to seek in private/ secret. Hypocrite!

If you ask me;
I think Nigerians r d problem of Nigeria. Plant us in England & we will still wreck every infrastructure there & degrade it to the level of our minds. Selah#

If you ask me;
I think true BEAUTY stems from the heart. It’s beautiful when she has a good character & she’s a God-chaser & loves people genuinely. Selah#

If you ask me;
I think all I could ever acquire in this world is vanity, if Christ is not in it. Of what use are my certificates from human universities when heaven fails to recognize me. Selah#

If you ask me;
I think the most important things in life are not even THINGS. What truly counts & what will last is my RELATIONSHIP with God (vertical) & with Man (horizontal). Selah#

“Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy might…And thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself” – Mark 12:30-31


By Damyion
Will They Sing Your Song?

As humans, we all have our dreams, our goals and our ambitions. Most of us end up achieving them and some of us don’t – probably because they failed to try or because they died.
We all want the wealth, the fame, the glory and all the good things of life. Do we think of posterity at all? Do we want to be remembered when we’re gone? And if we are, what will we be remembered for? After all is said and done… Will they sing our songs when we’re gone?
Here’s a little poem I wrote. I hope it passes it’s message:


When my hands are wrinkled,
when my heart is dry;
when my eyes have closed their doors
and are too old to cry…
When my soul is empty,
when my heart is bare;
when my dying words
have been left into your care…
When my body’s dying,
when my soul is gone;
when my voice has flown away
on the wings of broken songs…
When I’ve lost my strength,
when I’ve found my end;
when I’ve lived my life in full
and death becomes my friend…

When I’ve closed my eyes
and heaven opens it doors;
When my wrinkled hands
are now falling to the floor…
When my lips are smiling,
when the rain is falling;
when the angels sing,
when the cherubims are calling…
When the door is closing,
when the grave is dug;
when it’s too late to kiss me,
when it’s too late to hug…
When my hands are waving,
telling you goodbye;
when my eyes are closing,
too old to even cry…

When my pen was writing,
when my ink was smeared;
when my soul was crying,
I hope my voice was heard…

When my soul is leaving,
when my body’s gone;
when my voice has left me,
Will you sing my song…?

Your life is like a song. Everything you do is like lyrics written on the pages of history. Careful how you live or your song might just be like a rave of the moment, only to be forgotten after a while. After all, you only live once.
Think about it.


“For our struggle is NOT against FLESH and BLOOD, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm” Ephesians 6:12

In my bid to overcome sin and put to death what belongs to my earthly nature (Colossians 3:5) all I’ve tried have failed. Nothing seems to work. Is it the “do-not-touch, do-not-handle”? And every other rule based on human commands and teachings?

Does the above sound familiar? Trying to use ‘self’ to defeat ‘self’?
Hey, save your strength, it won’t work. Your struggle is not against what you see but against that which you cannot. Just as one do not get up to use a basket to fill up a drum, it’s sheer FOLLY to try using mental strength to fight in the realm which we do not see.

Be sure of one thing, till you die there will be a constant war in your soul. The devil is all out to get you and he will not cease to fire fiery darts into your soul. It’s the dart of shame, guilt, pain, lying, worry, frustration, and what have you? He seeks to manipulate your soul against God.

Would you allow him? Or go into battle putting on the WHOLE AMOUR of God? It’s a big joke when you have time for all things and people BUT GOD. The humour is even more glaring when you pick up your Bible and pray just on Sundays. What will your CHOICE be? Get serious with God or keep getting tossed around by the devil?.

“See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil…” -Deuteronomy 30:15-16

#NowThisPerspective. Selah